God of War II

God of War II
Full Name God of War II
File Size 2.94 GB
Region worldwide
Genre Action, Adventure, Role-playing
Console PlayStation 2
Downloads 242
Released March 13, 2007
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Kratos, the ruthless warrior, returns as the new vindictive God of War. The story of retribution takes center stage once more in the second instalment of this series. After defeating Ares and becoming a god, Kratos reveals himself to be a god who is even more ruthless and power-hungry than Ares was at any time. Ultimately, he discovers that he has been betrayed, and his almighty powers and skills are removed. Kratos embarks on yet another journey of epic proportions, this time in search of the Sisters of Fate, hoping to change his fate and regain his power—a feat that has never before been accomplished by a mortal or a god.

In the same vein as its predecessor, God of War II is an action game featuring platforming and puzzle-solving aspects. Kratos must continue to use the Blades of Chaos to cut apart his adversaries and any other gods, heroes, or monsters from Greek mythology that stand in the way of his gaining vengeance and power. As was the case before, Kratos will receive more red orbs for use in his upgrades proportional to the combination level achieved by killing an adversary. Kratos’ arsenal of spells includes some that use the blue orbs in some capacity. Some players may recognize them from the game before, while others will be introduced in this sequel and its narrative.

In addition to the combat and some light puzzle-solving, the sequel features some rail-based flying levels in which Kratos soars through the air on a Pegasus or a Gryphon. These levels are optional. In addition, he gains mastery of several other fighting and puzzle-solving abilities throughout the game, such as the capacity to halt the passage of time, for instance.

A second disc that contains various unique materials, such as cut levels, the voices of God of War II, the musical score, and a documentary about the process of bringing the game to life, is included with the purchase of the game.


  • This sequel is lauded for its significantly improved and refined combat mechanics, allowing for intense, satisfying fights.
  • The narrative builds upon its predecessor, offering a deeply immersive, mythology-based story steeped in Greek lore.
  • The game introduces intriguing and well-developed characters, enriching the plot further.
  • The boss battles are epic and challenging, each requiring a unique strategy to defeat.
  • A wide range of versatile weapons and magical abilities provides many gameplay options.
  • The game’s level design is intricate, fostering exploration and solving complex puzzles.
  • Stunning graphics and detailed character models significantly enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Players can enjoy improved game progression through an enhanced system of upgrades and unlock.
  • The atmospheric sound design and a powerful orchestral score heighten the sense of grandeur.
  • Despite its great difficulty, the game provides players with a fair and rewarding learning curve.

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