Mario Kart 8

Full Name Mario Kart 8
File Size 5.72 GB
Console Wii U
Genre Racing
Region WorldWide
Downloads 4017
Released May 30, 2014
3.8/5 - (28 votes)

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Mario Kart 8: Full Throttle Fun on the Wii U

Get ready for Mario Kart 8, the ultimate Mario Kart experience on the Wii U. With its brilliant HD graphics, relentless multiplayer mayhem, and anti-gravity racing, this thrilling racer elevates the franchise to new heights.

A vast array of well-known Nintendo characters, including Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, is available for selection. Each gets a custom bike or kart that they use to compete in cups on 32 thrilling courses. Highlights include racing through busy towns, up waterfalls, and even—when anti-gravity kicks in—on walls and ceilings. To outmaneuver opponents, become an expert at drifting around curves and timing power-slide boosts. And to get the upper hand, strategically employ objects like banana peels, red shells, and the deadly Spiny Shell.

Up to four players may compete in local multiplayer, while twelve players can compete in online racing. Playable in balloon-popping, coin-nabbing, and Shine Thief modes, battle mode offers classic arena-style gameplay. Perform acrobatics and antics during the race to win over spectators and earn additional kart components. Numerous modification choices allow you to create the fastest machine possible.

All of the previously published DLC for dozens more characters, karts, and circuits is included in the Deluxe edition of the Switch. With eight separate venues, fighting mode is also improved. Because of this, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the ultimate bundle.

Mario Kart 8 is an essential Wii U game because of its precise controls, vibrant graphics, catchy soundtrack, and endless excitement. It adds intriguing new twists while retaining the greatest elements of earlier entries. It doesn’t get any better for lovers of kart racing action than this. So fire up your Wii U, gather your pals, and get ready for some multiplayer mayhem. And remember to get this amazing Mario Kart right now to add it to your Wii U collection!

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